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Palmaz Vineyards Reviewed by American Winery Guide

Palmaz Vineyards Reviewed

American Winery Guide | By Mark and Sonja Gudgel | June 15, 2017 | Original Article

The tectonic plates that slammed together to form Mount George and the other noteworthy peaks at the southern end of the Napa Valley had long since settled by the time that Henry Hagan arrived in California in 1852. Drawn north from San Francisco by the allure of untamed wilderness and unbridled natural beauty, the industrious Hagan founded Cedar Knoll Vineyard and Winery in 1881 and set about the business of viticulture with the spirit of a pioneer. Hagan experienced success with his wines, growing grapes in the unheard of Napa Valley and serving them mostly to locals in the Opera Houses and other upscale establishments of the Bay Area.

Farm Press: Digital data management drives grower’s efforts to produce world-class quality fruit

Digital data management drives grower’s efforts to produce world-class quality fruit

Western Farm Press | By Greg Northcutt | May 10, 2017 | Original ARTICLE

“Our approach is to farm the individual vines so that the fruit they produce all ripens together as a group. We’re trying to do that by employing technology that allows us to analyze macro-level data to help us understand the vineyard at the micro-level. ”

Geographic information systems, which are used to store, analyze and manage such geographic data as soil types, cropping patterns and rainfall, are the future of farming, says Christian Palmaz, president of Palmaz Vineyards, in the Coombsville AVA, near Napa, Calif.

Very Napa Valley: Palmaz Vineyards

Visiting Palmaz Vineyards

Very Napa Valley Magazine | March 2017 | Original Article

“Tecnologically speaking, Palmaz is one of the area’s most impressive state-of-the-art wineries.  The Palmaz family purchased the property, previously owned by Henry Hagen during the nineteenth century, in the 1990s with the idea of bringing back and enhancing its former glory.  Julio and Amalia Palmaz, along with their kids, Florencia and Christian Gastón set out to create a winery that synergistically combines timeless tradition with cutting edge technology.”

Recipes from Napa: Shrimp Quenelle in Tomato Beurre Blanc

Shrimp Quenelle in Tomato Beurre Blanc

Serves 12-16

Recipes from Napa: Pea and Poblano Bisque

Recipes from Napa: Pea and Poblano Bisque

Lunch on the patio begins with a small bisque. After having toured the cave, guests are generally a little cold. Arriving to the table with a warm bisque waiting is a comforting welcome. We vary the bisque depending on the season and like to feature vegetables from our garden. Also, starting a meal with a bisque is an easy first course; they’re made in advance and are simple to serve.


WBM: Innovative Fermentation Technology at Palmaz Vineyards


Innovative Fermentation Technology at Palmaz Vineyards

Wine Business Monthly | BY Paul Fronson | ARTICLE LINK

The winery adds crown to remarkable facility–comprehensive fermentation monitoring displayed on cavern wall.

Cheddar TV: President Christian Palmaz on the Future of Winemaking

President Christian Palmaz on the future of winemaking

Cheddar TV |ORIGINAL Episode LINK

See President Christian Palmaz interviewed on Cheddar TV’s Closing Bell to discuss the future of winemaking and the exciting technology featured at the winery and in the vineyard.

Wine Enthusiast: Where to Visit in Napa Valley in 2017


Where to Visit in Napa Valley in 2017

Wine Enthusiast |BY Virginie Boone | ORIGINAL ARTICLE LINK

Whether you’re looking for a classic winery, word-of-mouth indie or an off-the-beaten-track destination, this is your guide of Napa Valley wineries to see.

Travel+Leisure: Tyler Florence’s Feast for the Senses


Tyler’s Feast for the Senses

Travel+Leisure | Photography by Peggy Sirota | Original Article Link


In California, wine lovers have literally thousands of options for touring and tasting. It’s that access that drew chef Tyler Florence to make California his home.

A World Underground – Visualized


A world Underground – Visualized

The Palmaz Winery is a flawlessly engineered labyrinth of cave tunnels burrowed deep inside Mt George created for the single purpose of making a great wine.  It’s complex structure spans over 100,000 square feet, 18 stories underground and nearly 3 city blocks deep.  Understanding it’s overall architecture is quite challenging even for those who visit in person much less those who visit the website.  The solution was to take the CAD drawings from the engineering team and recreate the facility and mountain in 3D.  Over the years, with the help of brilliant 3D render artist Lance Hitchings, the models have become more and more life-like.