Family Tasting Hour

On select Thursday's at 4PM PST the Palmaz Family hosts a live and online tasting hour where members of the Palmaz family will taste through a featured wine tasting package. Join them live for a two-way video conference where you will be able to interact, converse, and enjoy the real backstory on the wines and the estate.

Please note that each of the 250ml bottles included in the tasting kit is 8.45 ounces each. We recommend that 2 -3 persons share one tasting kit.

Register 7 days ahead of the airing date to ensure that you receive the wine tasting flight in time to taste along live. 

The Schedule

The Family Tasting Hour is on Summer Break!  Check back in September for the announcement of upcoming fall Family Tasting Hour dates.


Thur 4PM PST May 20 - The Blind Tasting $225/kit order by May 13th

Join us as we explore the mystery and excitment of a blind wine tasting.  We can't say too much or we could ruin the surprise!
Kit includes four Cabernet wines labeled and pre-wrapped for the "blind" experience.

Thur 4PM PST June 3 - The BBQ Lineup $150/kit order by May 26th

2020 Palmaz Rose
2018 Amalia Chardonnay
2017 Cedar Knoll Cabernet Sauvignon
2017 Gaston Cabernet Sauvignon

Thur 4PM PST June 24 - Open Your Cellar order by June 17th

2019 Amalia Chardonnay
2017 Brasas Cabernet Sauvignon

Join us as we taste through our most recent Brasas at the Table member releases - the Amalia Chardonnay and the Brasas Cabernet.  Open up a bottle if you have it in your cellar, if not, we'll make these member releases available for you to join us!