Form Follows Function

Few structures truly exemplify the Bauhaus architecture and design principle "form follows function" as the Palmaz winery. The Cave is an engineering marvel, unique even among other gravityflow wineries, let alone most commercial structures around the globe.

Palmaz Vineyards’ winemaking takes place in a flawlessly engineered maze of tunnels and domes carved into rock at the base of Napa’s Mount George.

The winery is built into an 18-story cavern in the flank of Mount George, providing it with not only all the benefits of gravity-flow winemaking but also the natural temperature control of a cave. By eliminating mechanical pumps from the winemaking process, gravity-flow design minimizes the turbulence that damages wines’ molecular structure.

At the heart of the winery sits the fermentation dome, lined with 24 fermentation tanks that can accommodate grapes from individual vineyards across the estate. The sophisticated monitoring systems for each tank allow winery team members to project a broad range of data (including thermal imaging) onto the ceiling of the dome.