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Steak Night Dinner Pairings with the 2019 Palmaz Vineyards Gaston Cabernet Sauvignon

Palmaz Vineyards | December 2022

Our 2019 Gaston Cabernet Sauvignon is a cornucopia of flavor, immediately transporting you to its harvest: dark fruit, tobacco, and wet granite captures the aroma of our caves during production. Chocolate covered tart cherries coupled with roasted espresso pop on the palate like a celebration. This is a full bodied wine with bold tannins that taper seamlessly into a silky and everlasting finish.

The Living Kitchen: Entwined In Napa

The Living Kitchen | Marni Elyse Katz | November 2022

Three Napa Valley Vineyards; Abreu Vineyards, Palmaz Vineyards, and Rudd Estate; have properties and processes that are as distinctive as their wines.

Squab and Roasted Morels with a Spring Garlic Risotto

Palmaz Vineyards | November 2022

This entree brings together two of our favorite foods: squab and morel mushrooms. When served together, they make a perfect pairing for big, opulent Cabernet Sauvignons. The day before, you can prep the squab breasts, braise the squab legs and make the garlic and morel cream. Then, when guests arrive, you need only to concentrate on the risotto and the squab breasts.


Wagyu cattle enjoy a variety of native grasses at Genesee Valley Ranch in Taylorsville, Calif.

A Cut Above

Written by Claire McArthur | Photography by Nicola Majocchi | Oct 12, 2022 | Original Article

Family-run ranch raises grass-fed wagyu in the High Sierra:  In the lush Genesee Valley at 3,500 feet elevation, black-horned cows graze in chest-high grass, with the granite peaks of the Sierra Nevada looming behind them. Surrounded by the Plumas National Forest, roughly 30 miles southeast of Lake Almanor, the historic Genesee Valley Ranch is a family-run operation with roots dating back to California’s Gold Rush. Today, the Palmaz family — known for its eponymous winery in Napa Valley — is taking the same fusion of tradition and technology used to create their estate cabernet to raise, harvest, and sell their grass-fed wagyu beef.

“Let’s make beef worthy of our wine,” says Florencia Palmaz, co-founder and partner of Palmaz Vineyards, about her family’s mission of revitalizing Genesee Valley Ranch. “Let’s take the same model of what we call estate growing in the wine industry — our wine doesn’t leave the property, not for a minute, until it’s fully finished and ready for consumers — and take on that task in the beef world. We call it ‘estate beef.’”

2022 Harvest Report

Navigating Abroad: Interview with Christian Palmaz

Navigating Abroad: Interview with Christian Palmaz

Season 2 | Sep 22, 2022

Lisa speaks with Christian Palmaz about using data to make the perfect glass of wine, conserve water, and free up winemaker’s time to make art!

Palmaz Vineyards Florencia Muscat Spritzer

By Florencia Palmaz | June 2022

Our Seasonal Florencia Muscat Spritzer is one of our current pairings for our Terrace Tastings at the winery. Bright and citrusy, grounded by rosemary, this is the ultimate refresher! You will quickly find it to be your new summer staple. Take fresh, seasonal ingredients and uplift them with our versatile Florencia Muscat and you have a very impressive cocktail on your hands.

Wagyu Elevates Ordinary Steak To Something Sublime

Feast and Field | May 2022

Written by Amy Lynch | ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Literally translating to “Japanese cow,” wagyu beef derived from native Asian cattle is a treat for discerning carnivores thanks to its exquisite texture and flavor.

ICONIC: Setting Down Roots

Written by Elyse Glickman | ICONIC LIFE | MAY 2022

Napa Valley is known for idyllic conditions. It will forever be associated with rolling terrain, mild year-round temperatures and a home-grown wine and artisanal food scene with an international reputation.

Brasas and the Genesee Valley Ranch Journey

By Christian Palmaz | May 2022

Our Brasas members only receive the best possible ingredients: meticulously crafted Napa Valley wine from Palmaz Vineyards and 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef from Genesee Valley Ranch.

Set into the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Genesee Valley Ranch is comprised of lush pastures and pristine grassland. It’s a bucolic image from a distance, but downright gorgeous up close.