The Perfect Steak

2/12/2021 3:46:05 AM

 The Perfect Steak | By Florencia and Jessica Palmaz

In anticipation of our Brasas At The Table “Special Night In” event this weekend, Florencia and Jessica Palmaz cooked three different steaks using three different methods — all with the MEATER thermometer — so we could give you the rundown on the best way to cook your GVR Wagyu. As a result, everyone ate pretty well this week!

Jessica Palmaz, the admittedly timid Palmaz in the kitchen, shows us how live fire cooking on the Argentine parilla is done this Valentines with a little help from our new MEATER tech.  Check out the video above. 

We’re all about making sure you have the best methods for cooking the Perfect Steak at your fingertips. Here are Florencia’s takeaways:

Farmer Lee Jone’s Chef Jamie Simpson Sous Vide Steak