THE BOOKS PART TWO: The Team Comes Together

10/13/2015 3:52:54 AM


Once the details of the two-volume, two-edition book set (a limited-edition deluxe set presented in a wooden wine crate and slipcase edition) were in place, Mad/Dash Press publisher Aaron Sigmond brought on several longtime collaborators to help make the volumes as lustrous as possible: author Nick Kolakowski, who would work alongside vineyards President Christian Gastón Palmaz on Book One; creative director Liliana Guia; and photographer Nicola Majocchi.


Majocchi immediately got to work and ultimately spent more than 14 months photographing the vineyards and winery, the Palmaz family and their team throughout an entire growing year for Book One; and dishes prepared by Florencia and Asados (Argentinian barbecues) prepared by Christian Gastón at kitchens and other locations throughout the Palmaz Estate. In tandem, Kolakowski and Christian Gastón wrote Book One, while Florencia wrote Book Two with food editor Kate Knapp; Guia designed each one.

The results are a visual feast and insightful history for oenophiles, epicures and bibliophiles alike — a unique two-volume collection that takes readers on a winemaking journey spanning three centuries. The complete set will be released in January 2016, almost two years to the day that Florencia, Amalia and Sigmond disembarked the Silver Cloud.

Book One, PALMAZ VINEYARDS: Tradition, Terroir & Technology, written by Christian Gastón and Kolakowski, plays out on the estate of Henry Hagen, an early Napa Valley pioneer. Hagen founded Cedar Knoll Vineyards and winery in the nineteenth century and enjoyed great success. The property was shuttered during Prohibition, however, languishing for decades before being lovingly restored and reimagined in the form of Palmaz Vineyards and winery, one of the most architecturally striking, technologically advanced winemaking properties in the world. Book One delves deep into the family’s approach to winemaking and showcases what passion infused with the scientific method can accomplish in an industry that has existed for millennia.


Book Two, PALMAZ VINEYARDS: At the Table & Around the Fire, lovingly written by Florencia and edited by Knapp, is a cookbook like no other from the renowned Napa Valley food scene. Featuring 130 recipes, the book shows off the unique epicurean vision of the Palmaz family, who fearlessly combine the rich culinary traditions of Argentinian Asados, French and Italian gastronomy with the bounty of Northern California. It presents an opportunity for serious home cooks to re-create their favorite memories from Palmaz Vineyards and experiment with many additional recipes Florencia created specifically for this book.


Both volumes, naturally, are best savored over a glass of a fine vintage. But first, we must go to print. . . .