Brasas Food & Wine Society

The Palmaz family is passionate about producing exceptional products that gather family and friends to the table. To help facilitate this magical occurrence, we’ve created a food and wine club so our most dedicated customers can gather together and celebrate at their tables. 

Brasas Wine Society is now Brasas Food & Wine Society
If our wine is meant to drink with friends, it's surely meant to enjoy with great food. The Palmaz family is making subscriptions to their 100% Wagyu cattle herd, raised on their Genesee Valley Ranch, available to Brasas Food & Wine Club members when they join Chacra, Finca, or Estancia wine clubs.



Vineyard Subscription

Each Vineyard Subscriber has priority access to all wines before they’re released. Each member receives a customized assortment of Palmaz Vineyards wines as well as our member-exclusive wine, Brasas, a Cabernet-Malbec blend that as Argentines, the Palmaz family couldn’t resist making.

Additionally, Vineyard members are invited to join the family at Brasas-only events where we celebrate the season in grand style. Check out our event schedule below for more information.

Once you select your membership level, we’ll automatically send you wines two weeks before their public release. Each level can be customized, so please call us if you’d like to create a custom wine selection for your membership.

Brasas Wine Society members have priority access to all wines prior to release dates, as well as exclusive events.


Ranch Subscription

As a Brasas Ranch subscriber you will receive extraordinary 100% Grass-fed Wagyu quality beef from the historic Genesee Valley Ranch. This comprehensive farm-to-fork subscription allows you to enjoy indulgent beef responsibly and conveniently.

Florencia Palmaz and a team of master butchers worked together to portion their extraordinary beef using inspiration from the great American steakhouses, Latin American asados, European fine dinning, and traditional Japanese cuisine.

Ranch Memberships for 2020 are available.   
Now accepting sign-ups!

*Existing active memberships do not require renewal.

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Wine Club Selections

Note: All our clubs can be customized to focus on the varietals that you prefer; however, we may not be able to fulfill all your requests on some of our smaller production wines. Call us and we will be happy to customize a club for your taste. Prices are subject to change and reflect the 2018 club schedule.

Chacra Club

'small farm in the Andes'

14 bottles

10% discount on all wine

tour and tasting tariff waived for 4 annually


(3) Brasas Cabernet Sauvignon

  • $285


(2) Riesling "Louise"
(1) Muscat "Florencia"

  • $205
  • $185


(3) Chardonnay "Amalia"

  • $210
  • $189


(3) Cabernet Sauvignon

  • $435
  • $392


(2) Cabernet "Gaston"

  • $400
  • $360

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Finca Club

'a country estate'

27 bottles

10% discount on all wine

tour and tasting tariff waived for 6 annually

2 Complimentary Brasas Family Table Tickets Annually


(6) Brasas Cabernet Sauvignon

  • $570


(3) Riesling "Louise"
(3) Muscat "Florencia"

  • $405
  • $365


(6) Chardonnay "Amalia"

  • $420
  • $378


(6) Cabernet Sauvignon

  • $870
  • $783


(3) Cabernet "Gaston"

  • $600
  • $540

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Estancia Club

'the cattle ranch'

54 bottles

15% discount on all wine

tour and tasting tariff waived for 8 annually

2 complimentary Brasas event tickets annually


(12) Brasas Cabernet Sauvignon

  • $1,140


(6) Riesling "Louise"
(6) Muscat "Florencia"

  • $810
  • $689


(12) Chardonnay "Amalia"

  • $840
  • $714


(12) Cabernet Sauvignon

  • $1,740
  • $1,479


(6) Cabernet "Gaston"

  • $1,200
  • $1,020

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Brasas Wine Society 2020 Event Schedule

Exclusive for Members
Family Table

Family Table

Available Fridays From April through November:  Many of our celebrations are annual, but our most personal tasting experience occurs monthly from early spring through late autumn during day-time: the Family Table. Offered exclusively to Brasas Wine Society members, these elaborate five-course food-and-wine pairings feature seasonal farm-to-table fare from estate gardens and wines from past and present vintages. Sitting at the table gives guests an opportunity to speak with the family about the rigors and rewards of dedicating one’s life to the land, harvest and wine. For Reservations: Click Here

The Big Pan

The Big Pan

June 13: Florencia really means it when she says, “Bring me the big pan!” The Palmaz custom-made paella pan is five feet in diameter and can be used to prepare anything from a Spanish paella to a Creole jambalaya. The Big Pan is a midsummer event that has become a Napa Valley tradition, showcasing fine estate wines, sumptuous food and live music — all of which nourish the soul as well as the body, and all to celebrate the summer release of the Amalia Chardonnay. For Reservations: Click Here

The Asado: Traditional Argentine Barbecue

The Asado: Traditional Argentine Barbecue

Sep 19 and Oct 17: Argentines are known for their Asados, and Christian Gastón has learned his technique from the masters. Each feast is a time to gather around the fire with our facóns and explore the glories of great Cabernet and the traditional Asado. We’ll feature the newly released Brasas Cabernet Malbec and the Palmaz Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. For Reservations: Click Here

Baskets & Bottles

Northern Europe Wine Cruise

June 23-30:  Join Florencia Palmaz for a fabulous 7-night wine cruise through Northern Europe.  Imagine yourself in a land where fairy tales sprint to life amongst castles and heathered fields that are illuminated by a golden sun.  Where the grand palaces of the Tsars and iconic cathedrals to the Hermitage offer some of the most profound works of art ever revealed during a two day stay in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Please visit Food & Wine Trails’ website for more information about the cruise and how to book. 

The Facón

Society Members Exclusive

The Palmaz family is immensely proud of its Argentine heritage, and there is perhaps no greater symbol of their homeland than gaucho cowboys roaming the wide-open pampas. Among the most revered gaucho traditions is the facón — not a weapon but a personal steak knife used during Asados. We commissioned the Brasas Food and Wine Society facón from an artisan in Buenos Aires whose family has been making knives for five generations; each is hand-forged in Alpaca silver and steel. Upon the one-year anniversary of their membership, all Wine Society members receive their own knife to bring to our next winery event.

The Facon

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